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Controlling Flow Using Complex Elements

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You will create 3 amazing projects that take a lot of thought and creativity!

Learn to create complex stacks that will become subject to flow after using the tile saw to cut the stacks into unusual shapes. Considerations for color, design, and placement will be covered to maximize control overflow. Then, experience large layouts with transparent and translucent colors that flow into each other in a complex build in the kiln. The combination of fused compositions with billet will also be explored.

You will compose 3 complex projects that you will cold work and either slump, use as a wall hanging or a piece to be placed in a stand.

All glass and materials are included. Either bring lunch, or we will order out and pick up for you!

4 Days
October 26-29, 2018, 

Prerequisite: Intro to Glass Fusing or former fusing experience

Instructor: Meryl Raiffe

If you'd like more information before registering, feel free to call us at 732-384-7504.