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Lost Wax Glass Casting with Mark Abildgaard

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Mark Abildgaard has spent several years developing a technique to create forms in wax using wet clay as a mold material. Images are made by pressing objects into clay and then pouring melted wax into the impressions. This technique has a lot of potential to produce interesting forms and textures for pieces that can be cast in glass. In this class, students will learn each step in the process through a “hands-on approach”.

Students will make several objects in wax that will be used to follow through each step in the process from mold making, through kiln firing and annealing.

In this workshop, we will cover all aspects of glass casting so that the participants will be able to continue working on their own. We are excited to offer this class and share what Mark has found to be an interesting way to create images in cast glass.

We would encourage people who are interested in finding a new way to approach glass casting to consider taking this workshop.

No previous glass casting experience is required. All materials and tools will be provided. 

Dates: February 23-25, 2018, 10am - 5pm


If you have any concerns or questions regarding this class, please email us or call 732-384-7504

Mark AbildgaardI have been teaching classes in kiln casting glass at many different studios and schools including Pilchuck, The Corning Museum of Glass, Red Deer College in Alberta Canada as well as many other private studios around the country.  

My teaching philosophy is to involve students directly by using a hands-on approach to each step in the process.  My goal for each class is to give students a solid understanding of what is required to set up their own studio to successfully cast glass on their own.

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